Rebuild, Restore, & Reignite Your Life
Reclaim the life you've always wanted for yourself!
Are you a woman who has lost herself in the corporate climb, in her relationship, in her children, or in the many roles and hats she wears?

In today's society, it is almost expected and rewarded for a woman to sacrifice her identity, her dreams, and her desires. But it is this same sacrifice that is slowly sucking the life force out of women today. Many of us are walking around living a life that was given to us, not one that really fulfills us.
In order to experience true peace, happiness, and success is to be true to who you are and who you were created to be
"It's not really about changing who you are, but rather realizing who you've always been - and then letting that flow into everything you say, think, and do."
How do you be true to you? How do you rediscover who you really are so that you can live your life to the fullest?
You will find the answer inside of my home coaching program . . . .
Rebuild, Restore, & Reignite Your Life
In this 4-part home coaching program, we will do a deep dive into the four areas of life that need the most work: Accepting Rejections, Restoring Self-Worth, Rebuilding Trust, and Reiginiting the Fire Within!!

As a result of participing in this home coaching program, you will
  •  Create more peace and less chaos in your life - inspite of the chaos happening all around.
  •  Uncover a new level of self-worth that you didn’t know was there.  It’s time for you to see your true self!
  •  Develop a new level of trust and confidence in yourself, in God, and in those around you. Saying you have trust is one thing. Living it out is another.
  •  Ignite the next phase of your life with fun, passion, and STRATEGY!
  •  Get my never-before-released EMERGENCY KIT for Life Challenges. Always be prepared for the unexpected! This EMERGENCY KIT is just want you need on a daily basis to keep you encouraged and in forward momentum.
You can get this all of this information through working with me one on one. In fact, I highly recommend it. I’m great to work with! And, you’ll get everything you’d get in my program – you’ll just get it one on one with me. The investment to work with me one on one for two hours is $397.
Or . . . you can get instant access to Rebuild, Restore, & Reignite Your Life,  which includes over 2 hours of audio instruction, workbooks, and lifetime access to the program . . .  all for only . . . . $47. 

You are one decision, one click away from a completely different life. Are you ready to take the leap?
Listen to what a few of my clients have had to say about working with me . . .
“As a fellow coach, sometimes we are hesitant to reach out to our peers for support because we feel like we should already know the answers. . . . Sherica helped me to uncover specific obstacles, create a clear path forward, and implement an accountability system so that I could have sustained success. She is a powerful coach that the world needs to know about!” 
- Aleia M
“There will be times of difficulty and lack of understanding with troublesome situations in everyone’s life at some point. Having Sherica as a coach during the process was a much needed breath of fresh air. She made me feel comfortable enough to share my pain, but left me feeling inspired to have the strength to move on. It’s not just a pep talk. I left our sessions with plausible action items to overcome, even after such tragedy.” 
- Kelly J
“Coach Sherica provided me with many powerful tools to help me achieve the life I was meant to live. I have benefited tremendously from being able to refer to them daily, and I feel amazing. Her impact has been enormous to my internal growth and personal development, as she created space for me to soar as a person and as a life coach.” 
- LaVerne F
Meet your Coach!!
Hi! I’m Sherica A. Matthews, your Epiphany-Inducing, Results-Creating, Clarity-Giving Life & Relationship Coach. 
As a certified coach, author of the book Engineering Faith, and Electrical Project Engineer, I am uniquely trained and positioned not only to understand the struggles of professional working women and entrepreneurs, but also to reveal to you simple, yet AHA inducing solutions to the challenges you’ve been facing in your relationships, business, and experiences. 
I’m all about giving you the INSPIRATION and the INFORMATION you need so you can have an complete life TRANSFORMATION. And yes, my favorite part of what I do is helping professional women and entrepreneurs create a life of success, love, and passion. 
And inside of Rebuild, Restore, & Reignite Your Life, I’ll reveal exactly how you too can get back to who you truly are and start living life on your own terms!!
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