Confidence, Courage, & Fearlessness
Wake up the powerful, fearless women within and claim your God-given dreams!
  •  You’ve been called to start a business, but you can’t seem to take the first step. 
  •  You’re in an unhealthy relationship, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to walk away.
  •  You know your God-given purpose, yet, you’re not living in it because you can’t figure out the HOW.
These are just symptoms of a bigger problem you’re facing . . . FEAR
You’re afraid of failure. You’re afraid of embarrassment. You’re afraid of loneliness.
Until you overcome fear, you will continue to live below your potential
The truth is that you are POWERFUL! You are WORTHY! And you are DESTINED for GREATNESS!
Now is the time to wake up the strong, powerful woman you are and CLAIM YOUR GREATNESS!
And that is exactly why I created. . .
Confidence, Courage, & Fearlessness
This course is designed to show you how to wake up the strong, powerful woman within and claim your God-given dreams and destiny!
Here’s a glimpse of what’s waiting for you inside of this class . . . 
  •  Uncover the spiritually-based STRATEGIES to overcoming hear. This isn’t a collection of feel good bible verses. These are real strategies, based on timeless principles, to overcome fear and move forward.
  •  Ignite your dreams, passions, and aspirations that have laid dormant for months, or even years, inside of you.
  •  Get instant access to the audio course and workbook on your phone, computer, or inbox so you can implement the easy-to-follow strategies TODAY!
Now, don’t just take my word on how awesome my courses are. Here’s what a few of my clients have to say about working with me. . . 
“I just want to say thank you so very much for your words of wisdom and encouragement . . . I was truly blessed by what you had to say and will incorporate and apply your information into what I am currently trying to do.” 

- R. Marsh
Taking [her course] gave me the courage I needed to overcome some of my personal obstacles. I love how Sherica Matthews opens up about her own struggles that allowed me to be honest with myself and acknowledge my own.” 

K. Sampson
“I got a job today!!! I did what you said do (think outside the box) and applied for a Sale Associate position yesterday at a Dollar General store close to where I live. I called the manager about 30 minutes ago and she did a phone interview (something she has never done before) and hired me after she asked all of her questions. When I was affirming things in the mirror this morning, I said that God will open a door for me today and He did just that! But I have to be honest...I almost didn't make that call. I was hesitant at first but I went back to my mirror, spoke positively to myself, and then I made the call. I laid my fear and pride aside and God stepped in. I've never been so happy about a minimum wage job in my life lol! But God is amazing and I'm grateful to you. I'm on my way Ms. Matthews!!!” 

T. DaShay
Meet your Epiphany-Inducing, Results Oriented Coach
Hi! I’m Sherica A. Matthews, Life Engineer & Relationship Coach, Epiphany-Inducing Lover of beauty, life, and results-producing strategies that propels you into your God-given dreams. 
As a certified life and relationship coach, author of the book Engineering Faith, and Electrical Project Engineer, I am uniquely trained and positioned not only to understand the struggles of professional working women and entrepreneurs, but also to reveal to you simple, yet AHA inducing solutions to the challenges you’ve been facing in your relationships, business, and experiences. 

I'm all about giving you the INSPIRATION and the INFORMATION you need so you can have an complete life TRANSFORMATION. And yes, my favorite part of what I do is helping professional women and entrepreneurs create a life of success, love, and passion.

And inside of Confidence, Courage, & Fearlessness, I’ll reveal exactly how you too can overcome fear and release the power that's already within you!!.
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